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The CPx3 - (Chop'Yaisah) Hoodie is the First Hoodie representing the being, Captian and creator Chon Pryor, Featuring the Official Logo of CPx3 That represents balancing the duality of your "Good" and "Bad" Sides.

This symbol represents balance.


Logo Description:


The Chop'Yasiah logo is a vibrant and expressive visual narrative, resembling a typical smiley face with a profound twist. The left half radiates angelic purity, featuring a halo, a smooth ear, and a dot for an eye, symbolizing clarity and innocence. On the right, a demon emerges with a horn, an elf-like ear, and an X for an eye, representing inner struggles and potential immorality.


A captivating smile spans across the center, unifying both sides, reflecting the complexity of human experience. Within the forehead, a lightning bolt symbolizes energy, a potent force that drives transformation, and a dreadlock adds a touch of Chon's personal flair.


The color palette is a harmonious blend of celestial blues and fiery oranges, mirroring the balance between the light and dark elements. Each element of the logo seamlessly integrates, creating a symbolic representation of the need to balance one's good and bad, light and dark sides to achieve true freedom.


Chop'Yasiah is not just a logo—it is a visual manifesto, a reminder that within the intricate dance of opposing forces lies the path to genuine freedom. It encapsulates Chon Pryor's essence and serves as an inspiring beacon for those on their journey towards holistic well-being.




This Hoodie Is Unisex and meant for anybody that wants one.

- One of A Kind
- Hand Made to order
- Product comes with FREE #PGENT/PirateGang wristband.

- If you request a size larger than 3X, Please Email at

Cpx3 x (Chop Yaisah) x Hoodie (Made by order)

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