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MCX3 - Event Hosting

Get ready to Set Sail! #LOADTHECANNONS #HoistTheColors

  • 4 hours
  • Starting at $150
  • #PirateGangLand

Service Description

Cpx3 will offer a range of MC hosting services, including event introductions, crowd engagement, announcements, and seamless event flow coordination. The primary objective will be to elevate events through charismatic and professional hosting, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and guests. The Service will offer a range of MC hosting services, Including event introductions: Setting the tone for the event with captivating introductions. Crowd engagement: Interacting with the audience, encouraging participation, and maintaining an energetic atmosphere. Announcements: Making important announcements and seamlessly guiding event transitions. Seamless event flow coordination. : Collaborating with event stakeholders to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated event flow. EventBrite Ticket split may be negotiable. By booking 1. - Promotion from myself and Company - - PGEnt,LLC/#PirateGang via PGPromo / PromoX3 2. -Flyer Placement on my Website ( ) / 3. - Custom Cpx3/ your show flyer by: Virgboogi designs 4. -An Interview before the show to promote it . - Hourly Rate:** The pricing will be based on an hourly rate, which will vary depending on the type of event. - Event Complexity:** Rates will be higher for events requiring more detailed coordination and engagement. - Event Duration:** Different pricing tiers will be established for different event durations. - Custom Packages:** Offering custom packages for specific event types or additional services, such as hosting workshops or moderating panels.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelation policy Cancelations must be made within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment, Cancellations after the 6 hours will result in being charged the amount for full services rendered.

Contact Details

  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    + 1 4123891192

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